Vincent von Boon
Alias Shieldheart
Title Emperor
Birthplace Skyedale (Old Amaranthine)
Bloodline Restricted
Born 998KL
Died 3IR

Born in the settlement of Skyedale on the continent of Marast, Vincent von Boon, first child of Alexander von Boon, would later found the Unified Empire of Amaranthine, and serve as its first Emperor, thus continuing the decline of Amaranthine. Whilst his reasons for the cessation of the Old Kingdom hierarchy were never explained, and there was no clear motive present within any recovered journals, it is safe to presume that the foundation of the Empire was simply another step towards his ultimate aim - total control of Amaranthine.

Renowned as a talented Manipulator and often spoken of as "the most powerful man in Amaranthine", Vincent von Boon was, for a long period of time, one of the most respected individuals throughout Amaranthine. His family - the von Boon's - were often renowned as one of the most important families within the highest echelons of society. Reports that surfaced after the ascension of the Council revealed the overarching plot of the Magi, and rendered all former respect to have been misplaced.

However, in 3IR, Leon von Boon - Vincent's brother - took it upon himself to end Vincent's life.