Tyson Twain
Alias Unknown
Player furryvengeance
Birthplace Glassmere
Age 29
Bloodline Firas
Associates The Hunters
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour White
Height 6'3"
Features None
Belief None
Traits Heavy smoker
Threat Level 2
Additional Details Trained Blacksmith
       Tyson Twain was, up until recently, a blacksmith who lived and worked in a small village by the name of Glassmere. According to most it was considered a safe haven and free from the strifes the war had on most places. However, certain individuals took it upon themselves to offer their wares to the rebel forces. When news reached our ears we had no choice but to intervene. During the weeks that followed many talks with the Mayor of Glassmere took place, they failed and as a result trade continued. It was made clear that we had no choice but to replace the current Mayor with one who would take the village in the right direction. A direction which would benefit the village and therefore Amaranthine. Unfortunatly the residents of Glassmere were against us from the beginning and multiple riots broke out. The Mayor was murdered and it left us no choice but to lay waste to the Village. The surviving members of Glassmere were taken to an undisclosed location for questioning and we now know of at least one individual who survived the onslaught and escaped, Tyson Twain.  He is believed to be the initiator of illegal trade within the region and is reported to be currently working for The Hunters. At this moment he is considered safe to approach by any person willing to take it upon themself to detain or kill him if necessary, but be aware that it is unlikely that he is alone at this point.