The Hunters
Colonel Signum
Hierarchy Unknown
Capital Unknown
Notable Members Signum


Notable Groups The Rangers
Allies The Defilers

Lucius von Boon

The paramilitary organization known as the Hunters are one of the most prominent terrorist groups opposed to Council rule. They fancy themselves freedom fighters and are known to cater to the widest demographic of mundanes for recruitment purposes. Because of this, their numbers swell at the cost of technological and material deficencies. As such, individual members of the organization are merely armed mundanes and should be disposed of accordingly by any Grade I Inquisitor.

The threat posed by the Hunters lies in their numerical advantage and tactical prowess. In the past, the Hunters exhibited strategy and decorum common to old Imperial Army doctrine, suggesting an adherence to military tradition bordering on simplistic. As expected of the Inquisition, they never posed much of a threat. However, with the death of General John Reynolds in recent months, the focus of the organization has shifted.

Indeed, with the late Reynolds' second-in-command, Colonel Karrin Signum, taking power, there has been a disturbing change in doctrine. New raids and attacks suggest a preference for guerrilla warfare including ambushes, sabotage and hit-and-run tactics, a far cry from the blunt force method previously used. Intel suggests that this change in doctrine has caused dissent in the upper ranks of command, with some officers opposed to the changes employed by Signum.