The Seventeen are the divine beings who oversaw the creation and ensure the continued existence of the realm of Amaranthine according to the faith of the Church of the Seventeen. Each Divine is said to hold representation over a different factor of Amaranthine, and each Divine is additionally aligned with a specific Element of the Aether; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, excluding High Lord Nivicus, who lacks a strict elemental alignment.

Though the Seventeen do not directly serve him in the traditional sense, they exist by the will of High Lord Nivicus, and as such look upon Him with the greatest respect; the most notable texts suggest that even the most cynical of the Seventeen would know better than to act against Him. However, likewise High Lord Nivicus is noted as looking upon each of the Sixteen with nothing but the greatest respect.

Choosing not to show themselves on Amaranthine, very few people have provided reports of actually setting their eyes upon a Divine in the "flesh". Claiming residence outside of Amaranthine in a place known only as the Realm - also the final resting place of the soul within the faith - it is said that only the most powerful of Aether Manipulators are able to survive there.

List of the SeventeenEdit

It is worth noting that any pictoral representations of any of the Divines is based solely on evidence provided by those who have visted the Realm. Due to the provided background and nature of the Divines it is impossible to guarantee the accuracy of these representations.


High Lord Nivicus

Earth (Amaranth)Edit

Vix (Goddess of Nature)

Divitius (God of Wealth)

Noctus (God of Darkness)

Serpentia (Goddess of Wisdom)

Wind (Fulgur)Edit

Tempis (God of Time)

Stahtis (God of Fate)

Xinos (God of Chaos)

Videth (Goddess of Truth)

Fire (Firas)Edit

Sekheimos (God of War)

Cinix (Goddess of Destruction)

Nemors (God of Death)

Luctus (God of Light)

Water (Volka)Edit

Fortuna (God of Fortune)

Kelaran (God of Redemption)

Vitaan (Goddess of Life)

Imperito (God of Order)