The Cause
None Known
Hierarchy Terrorist Cell
Capital Spread across Amaranthine
Notable Members Lucius von Boon

Jas Hunt Maximillian Thermidor

Notable Groups The Hunters

The Defilers

Allies Clearwater

The Cause is the self-proclaimed title of the largest Terrorist Cell standing in firm opposition to the Council's regime of order. Although details regarding just who was involved in the initial foundation have never been discovered, the Cause grew to contain the Merit of the Virtuous, the Hunters, the Defilers and the illegal Manipulators based out of the ruins of Boonville. Despite the relatively small size of the terrorist cell, they have become infamous for attempting some very high profile attacks upon the Council, including a recent attempt on the life of the Grand Inquisitor. Thankfully, this failed attempt allowed the Merit of the Virtuous to be tracked and Cleansed, heavily reducing the number of terrorists within the sect. Since this Cleansing, the Cause has seemingly redirected its efforts, instead focusing on smaller acts of supreme violence, including the brutal murder of formerly-associated settlements.Most recently, the Council was able to score a great victory by Cleansing a known den of terrorists run by one Sheron Allen.


Whilst there is no substantial proof of when the Cause as a whole came to be, the sub-sections that joined together to make up the whole are somewhat more trackable. Whilst they will only be touched upon with relation to the Cause here, further information can be found on the relevant pages - The Merit of the Virtuous, The Hunters, and The Defilers.The first recorded act of aggression carried out by a joint MoV-Hunter force is recorded as being an attack upon a Council caravan in 43CE. In the years that followed, attacks maintained a similar fairly low-profile motif until 101CE, when the group - now accompanied by Lucius von Boon - struck upon a Council camp, taking the lives of 57 guards and 3 Inquisitors.Records concerning the involvement of the mysterious Doctor VanGoff and his abomination associates the Defilers are few and far between, though their own personal history of atrocities carried out against innocent civilians during this period no doubt made them perfect candidates for allies of the Cause.