So once again we actually avoid the use of the now archived title of "Amaranthium", but I'm sure you veteran Amaranthians will be faimilar with just what this now imaginitively titled "Soundtrack" is all about. Suffice to say, despite the wiki in general being canon, this page is in fact, not canon. Now, I should remind you all that the music listed here is not an "official" soundtrack to Amaranthine. That is to say, you won't necessarily hear your chosen songs in-game (for various reasons; distribution licensing, modpack size, your chosen song sucks, etc.)

So, with that explained I'm going to have to list a few rules and suggestions. Rules MUST be followed, suggestions are quite simply that; guidelines we provide to make things easier for everybody.


  1. "Radio" songs are allowed, so long as you are not providing a direct link to download. This is primarily to avoid copyright. Unlike previous iterations of this, this time 'round we're making it simple. If it's on YouTube, it's fair game. On that note...
  2. There must be a version available to stream. Okay, it's true. I admit that I don't own every song ever created. I doubt if I'm the only one that applies to, so a YouTube link for example allows for people who may not know the song to listen to it. Everybody is happy. If the song has to be downloaded to be heard, it cannot be used here.
  3. Songs are per-character. If somebody else has a song you wanted, then tough. Find something else. Duplicate songs will be replaced, usually with something you won't like. Similar songs may be accepted, assuming they are different enough (An instrumental version of an existing song would not be accepted. A variation on a specific theme Might be accepted.)
  4. Only living characters (and Defilers) are placed on the list. If your character has died, then simply remove your old character when you add your new one.


  1. If using songs with lyrics, try to avoid swearing. Whilst not strictly enforced, remember that not everybody is comfortable hearing bad language, not to mention those who play music via speakers in an area parents/younger siblings can hear. Try to keep it to a minimum. And on that note...
  2. Instrumental or choral songs generally work better. It's just true. Choral refers to songs written specfically for a choir (Example: the over-used One-Winged Angel). Having your character theme as Stairway to Heaven seems a little far-fetched, and it detracts from the atmosphere. Game Soundtracks, Classical Music, Orchestrated Pieces...all fine, and all carry that vibe we're looking for.
  3. Source material. Of course, one of the things you need to remember is that you are a character in a quasi-sci-fi apocalyptic fantasy world. This is a world where pop/rock music doesn't really exist in the same sense as reality. Your character is a merchant, but their theme is Beast and the Harlot? Try not to just choose songs you like, but rather songs that fit both your character and the world around them.
  4. Try to provide songs that can be downloaded free and legally. Sites such as OCRemix are a good source for this. Whilst yes, any song can theoretically be ripped from YouTube, some people may be unconfortable doing so.
  5. Cliché is good. Whilst you may feel uncomfortable using some songs because they just fit Too well, don't let that put you off. Just take a look at some of the music used in the admin characters, and you'll see that we're not afraid to pull a few punches.

So, without further delay, let's get to it!


Layout is much simpler than ever before for this. Each character only gets a single song - their theme. Layout should simply be your characters name (Bold, Heading 3) and the name should also be a link to your chosen song. If you're confused, just take a look at the existing example. Your characters placement should be alphabetical by surname (starting below the admin characters). If your character does not yet have a surname, you MUST provide one before you may add yourself to this list.

  • Athalos Dax
  • Asmodean
  • Kori Ekerove
  • Weston Ginovaef
  • Miranda Harrison
  • Zachaeres Keller
  • Victor Lee
  • Brunwick Letterghast
  • John Locke
  • Caine Lukas
  • Masha De Jahetti
  • Colton Johnson
  • Charles Mcarenes
  • Victor McDevitt
  • Hurin Reha
  • Thomas Roarke
  • Rhylie de la Rocha
  • Charles Tolrin
  • Natalia Weiss
  • Rieedouw Veatkem
  • August Zosimus
  • Sirhan Qamar