Maximilian Thermidor
Alias 13 Thermidor
Player ExPerson
Birthplace Unknown
Age Unknown
Bloodline Amaranth
Associates Merit of the Virtuous
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour White
Skin Colour Fair
Height 6'
Features Faint scar
Belief Unknown
Traits Charismatic
Threat Level 6
Additional Details Unknown

Once the unofficial 'spokesperson' of the Merit of the Virtuous, Maximilian Thermidor is a powerfully charismatic man who is amongst the Most Wanted of Council fugitives. He is an utterly mundane man but with significant combat ability nonetheless. He somehow evaded capture during the operation on Camlan and his current location is unknown. 


Maximilian Thermidor is something of a phantom prior to his debut claiming responsibility for one of many terrorist attacks on Council holdings. There are very few records of any man matching his description and the name 'Maximilian Thermidor' is almost certainly a fabricated alias. Nevertheless, he is not to be trifled with, and despite showing no inclination towards being more than a mere mundane, no lower-grade Inquisitor has ever reported back from attempting to apprehend him.

Before their destruction, Thermidor was the public 'face' of the Merit of the Virtuous, known to hijack global R-COM airwaves to slander the Council and proclaim his guilt worldwide. He displays an uncanny charisma, often causing ripples in public opinion before control of the radio is wrested back. It is unknown whether he sought out the MoV or if they scouted him, but it cannot be denied that he has had a considerable impact on the morale of the many terrorist groups.

Thermidor's body was not found after the destruction of Camlan and is at large, but he is unlikely to pose a threat to Council interests alone - he is but one man.