Lucius von Boon
Alias The Seer
Player Shieldheart
Birthplace Boonville
Age Claims 5,297
Bloodline Restricted
Associates James Hunt

Guildarts Fiore

Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blond
Skin Colour Pale
Height 6'1"
Features No visible abnormalities, but suffers from the disease of the blood common amongst the Restricted Bloodline.
Belief The Church of the Seventeen
Traits Shows a preference for high-class and high-society situations despite his criminal nature.
Threat Level Beyond Classification
Additional Details Manipulator of beyond Higher Magician level

Known illegal Manipulator mentor

Lucius von Boon, also known as The Seer is amongst the most dangerous terrorists known to the Council. Being the last remaining member of the Restricted Bloodline, he is wanted for both racial and radical crimes against Amaranthine. He is also a capable Manipulator-without-licence and as such there is a further warrant for such practices.


Lucius von Boon is listed as being amonst the first of the Redacted Bloodline, and as such one of the first individuals on Amaranthine itself. Given the criminal nature that would grow to envelop the world, it is safe to assume that it was during these early years that Lucius was able to hone his treacherous abilities. Indeed, Lucius was fundamental in the establishment of the first regime designed to do little more than rob men of their freedom - the establishing of Lucius' brother Jilliad Magi as the King of a "unified" Amaranthine.

Some time after the creation of this new, corrupt Kingdom, records suggest that Lucius fathered three children and then died some years later. The reasons for Lucius' ruse regarding his own death are unknown, but such deceit has since proven to be a common factor. It is believed that following his "death" he continued to advise the King's of the best course to ensure that the suffering of Amaranthine would continue. Official records indicate that following his "death" each King installed a member of their Court known as "The Seer" - a known alias of Lucius von Boon's. It was by recommendation of The Seer that the original, corrupt Council of the Aether was established, and whilst the Council as it stands today is as far from the original ideals as it possibly can be, it is with a great reluctance that we ackowledge "The Seer" as the visionary of the inital concept.

Whilst it is still open to debate just how much influence Lucius had over his descendant - Vincent von Boon - with regards to the formation of the Empire, it is likely that he was heavily involved, given his discovery by the Council at Arx. Following this, Lucius - most likely through the use of highly illegal mind Manipulation - was able to enter into an Arcane Contract with the Grand Inquisitor at the time. This contract - standing as proof of his cowardice - ensured the sparing of his own life in exchange for a lifetime in custody; an act which, at least, ensured that the cleansing of the Restricted Bloodline could occur without his interference. Despite the binding contract, after only 100 years, Lucius disappeared from his cell.

Present DayEdit

Since his disregard for the Arcane Contract, Lucius has been reported as training potential Manipulators illegally, with the intent to arm them for war against those that stand for Order and Justice. Believed to be operating out of the ruins of his former home in Boonville, multiple unsuccessful attacks by both conventional and Arcane means have been launched against the former town. It is likely that Lucius has also aligned himself with the guerilla "military" known as the Hunters, the Corrupt abominations known as the Defilers and - until their recent cleansing - the infamous band of criminals known as the Merit of the Virtuous.

However, despite such an extensive criminal career, all but the most well-trained Inquisitors are advised NOT to attempt to capture or kill Lucius von Boon due to the extreme risks undertaken by doing so. Likewise, approach of Boonville or the surrounding areas is strictly forbidden to all but Grade Three Inquisitiors.