Leon von Boon
Alias Balthazaar
Title Emperor
Birthplace Boonville
Bloodline Restricted
Born 1002KL
Died 5IR

A warmonger from his earliest time spent in the Air Force, and a renowned example of corruption right up until his death. Whilst it is undeniable that for much of his life he lived in the shadow of his elder brother - Vincent von Boon - he never showed any of his treachery towards the first Emperor.

Born in Boonville, Leon and his twin sister Rose were always said to have been destined for 'greatness'. Whilst an accident took Rose away from any potential greatness, it did little to prevent her brothers from doing what they felt would best leave their mark on Amaranthine. Whilst Leon von Boon was primarily a pilot, serving in the Royal Sky Brigade during the time of the Kingdom and then the Chief Advisor to the  Imperial Sky Brigade during his time as Lor of Locke under his brother, Leon was also a very shrewd politician, and did everything within his power to ensure the stability of the Empire.

However, it would seem that the years of serving would eventually lead Leon to murder his brother, leading Leon to be crowned as the new Emperor.

Leon von Boon was reported to have been present at Arx during the final hours of the Empire.