Joshua O'Brien
Alias Joshua O'Brien
Player atron74
Birthplace City of Light
Age 30
Bloodline Firas
Associates The Hunters
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Red
Skin Colour Caucasian
Height 6'4"
Features Golden top-left canine and tattoo on chest; pattern unknown.
Belief Church of the Seventeen
Traits Has been known to show aggressive behaviour, as well as a false belief that his past, poverty-stricken existence was somehow the fault of the Council.
Threat Level 3
Additional Details Ranger
        Joshua O'Brien started the same way most criminals seem to; as a lower-class worker on a farm belonging to his "parents." Note: Despite the insistence of the two individuals he claims to be his parents that he is their legitimate son, a DNA test confirmed otherwise. The two citizens were executed on charges of aiding and abetting a criminal. O'Brien, despite lacking any classical education, was reported to have stolen discarded airship parts from official Council disposal sights, and assembled them without inspection and registration. He proceeded to harbor an illegally obtained, unregistered aircraft for several weeks before using it to escape the City of Light, causing damage to several buildings and power lines as he fled, and injuring four people. Various sources have claimed that he joined the Hunters soon after this, and there has been other evidence to suggest as much, including the account of one Inquisitor who had the displeasure of entering combat with him. He is believed to have fatalling wounded O'Brien, despite not killing him directly. Unfortunately, O'Brien is believed to have survived, albeit sustaining heavy injuries, and the Inquisitor has since been punished accordingly. Recent reports have seen him continuing his reign of terror, showing little regard for the countless innocent people his actions put at risk.