Joseph re Renatus
Alias Joerachi, Joey
Player "Podote", "Joerachi"
Birthplace Earl of House Fenali
Age 18
Bloodline Fulgar
Associates N/A
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Skin Colour White
Height 6"2'
Features Unknown
Belief N/A
Traits Snarky, Cautious, Cyncical, Passive
Threat Level 1
Additional Details Unknown

The town of Ascherd is one of prosper, sizable enough to be considered a dwarf nation. Nobody starved, everyone had what they needed, it is an ideal place to live.

Neighboring villages didn't like that.

Surrounding areas were losing residents to this seemingly utopian city, and that didn't exclude farmers and skilled laborers. As a desperate attempt to burn Ascherd off of the map, all of the smaller towns hired every brigand they could find, as well as their local militia, to ravage Aschered to the ground.

Needless to say, it didn't work out well.

This isn't to say that the conflict was a blowout; there were loses on both ends. The outskirts of town were painted red by the conflict, and bandits don't generally have policys on women and children. In addition to the cutthroats being  killed, the rest of the smaller towns responsible faded into obscurity or had faced retribution from Ascherd forces.

The Young Earl, Joseph re Renatus, saw this as an opportunity.

He wasn't a prodigy. He was competent academically, and could work within a reasonable limit when it came to physical labor. He wasn't generally very liked (or he thinks so, anyway), and felt the same way back, being very exclusive to whom he talks to, but had a way of getting into people's psych.

He never really liked the way of politics, especially that of his family, and the cousins thereof. His father had direct ties to the 'King', and was nearly completely responsible for any bloodshed as a result of retaliation. They laughed over it as it was over, not particularly caring for the fate of those below them. Disgusted, he took it upon himself to leave his town to reform any city that could befall the same fate, be it like his own place of birth, or those who spited that very place.