Joar A. Nessosin
Alias Asmodean
Player LastChance13
Birthplace Shorelle
Age 32
Bloodline Amaranth
Associates The Defilers
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Dark
Hair Colour Dark
Skin Colour Lightly Tanned
Height 6'3"
Features Attractive
Belief None
Traits Tilts his head during conversation.
Threat Level 2
Additional Details Defiler
Joar Nessosin began his life in the port town Shorelle. As a youth, he performed as a musician and composed his own music. His talent was well known, he had performed privately for many prestigious nobles and generals. For his fame in the region he eventually was granted a very prestigous honor of the Shorelle culture: a third name.

He proudly took his third name of Adamm and gained a small amount of fame in Amaranthine. Often, people traveled across the continent to listen to his music. After a time, though, his fame began to decline. Joar did everything he could to keep his name alive but eventually his fame was once again restricted to only Shorelle. Frusturated, Joar forsook all of his former names and began to only respond to one: Asmodean.

Asmodean stayed in Shorelle for only a short time longer. He withdrew all his money and bought the supplies he would need for the great expedition ahead of him. He travelled from Shorelle to the Crucible, where he undertook the first rites to become a Defiler.

Upon his admission into the forsaken group, "Asmodean" began seeking out other musicians. When their bodies were discovered, each was missing eyes, hands, and/or lips. It is suspected that these specific body parts were targeted due to their correlation with the act of playing and composing music.

Whilst the murders have since seemingly stopped, little is known concerning the current activities of "Asmodean".