Hollie Nightfae
Alias N/A
Player VentusTerraAqua
Birthplace Shorelle
Age 25
Bloodline Volka
Associates Defiled
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Dark Blue
Skin Colour Cream
Height 5'4
Features Hollie has long hair that she keeps in a pony tail.
Belief Unknown, possibly athiest
Threat Level 1
Additional Details Unknown


Growing up in a single parent home was difficult for Hollie. Having her mother die when she was only two years old was difficult on her father and older brother. Hoping to escape responsibility her brother fled leaving Hollie and their agining father to fend for themselves. By the age of 12 Hollie had to take up small jobs around town to aid her father with the living expenses. They couldnt afford much but they made due, and lived happilly. Working hard and following behind her fathers teachings and insight Hollie was able to make the best of what some would consider a dreadful childhood. At the age of 17 Hollie burried her father and set off on her own into the cruel unforgiving world.

Hollie is a very calm adn reserved person. She isnt rash and thinks through each and every one of her actions. Respectful and friendly Hollie doesnt really have anyone she could call her enemy or say she has animosty towards. Though she is quiet and reserved Hollie has no problem speaking out her ideas where she thinks they're due. Living on her own was tough but Hollie made the best of it. Surrounding herself with nature she took refuge in the forest for many years. Unaccustomed to the battlefield Hollie is not a very skilled in the ways of combat though she knows her way around when it comes to the strategic element. Hollie is an aspiring strategist.

Hollie is also illiterate.