Guildarts Fiora
Player PersonalEpidemic
Age 27
Bloodline Firas
Associates Lucius von Boon
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour White
Height 6'0"
Features Broad shoulders


Belief Agnostic
Traits Shows anti-social traits uncommon even amongst other criminals
Threat Level 6
Additional Details Trained Manipulator (by Lucius von Boon)
Guildarts Fiore was born in the known criminal settlement of Helcwin to a family of renowned con-artists. Travelling for most of the year in an effort to separate as many unaware individuals from their cash as possile, they still always insisited upon returning to their base of operations in Helcwin. Upon reaching the age of 18, it is suspected that Guildarts took over the family business entirely, making the trips away from Helcwin alone. Whilst what follows is mere speculation, it stands to reason that upon returning from such a criminal activity, he discovered the All-Seeing-Eye above the recently cleansed Helcwin and fled the scene. Given that the Inquisitors involved in the cleansing mention leaving the women and children of the town alive, but upon a routine investigation there were discovered dead, it is likely that prior to his flight from the scene, Guildarts took it upon himself to slay the survivors. The reasons for such brutality are unknown, but given the later path he chose to walk, the most likely scenario is a lapse of mentality in an attempt to worsen the "crime" that Guildarts seemed to believe the Inquisition had committed in cleansing a den of known criminals

Shortly after this event, Guildarts was encountered by a lone Grade One Inquisitor whilst patrolling a suspected den of criminals not far from [the Capital]. Perhaps driven by the same thirst for blood that led him to slaughter his own in Helcwin, Guildarts is reported as attempting to attack the Inquisitor. Naturally, the Inquisitor was able to overpower Guildarts with ease. Yet, for some reason the Inquisitor did not attempt to immediately kill Guildarts - a failure of judgement that has since seen the Inquisitor involved disciplined - and at some point before the final strike was delivered, Guildarts was able to tap into the innate Arcane power within him and ascend above Mundanity. According to the Inquisitor involved, this manifested in the form of Guildarts blinking away from the scene to an unknown destination.

It has since become clear that Guildarts has associated himself with Lucius von Boon, most likely receiving illegal Manipulator training from the Restricted Bloodline Manipulator. Whilst it is highly unlikely that Guildarts is as powerful as Lucius von Boon, Grade One Inquisitors should take caution when attempting combat.