Greth Ornolfson
Alias Wolf King
Title Battlelord of the Battlebound, Commander of the Imperial Army
Birthplace Sekifrost (Old Amaranthine)
Bloodline Firas
Born Unknown
Died 5IR

 Greth Ornolfson was the last Battlelord of the Battlebound, an ancient Amaranthian warrior-culture, before their dissimilation. He achieved his lordship through birthright, and lead the Battlebound of Sekifrost to an era of prosperity and wealth never before seen, also securing an alliance with, and eventual cooperative assimilation into the corrupt Empire by forging a friendship with both Leon von Boon and Nito Harway.

 After the Battlebound were accepted into the Empire, they primarily served as "dogs of war" during their battles with the Alliance, primarily noted for their effective combat techniques, but they are remembered for their brutality, cruelty, and, due to the partnership with Lor Nito, acting as savage stormtroopers. Greth Ornolfson himself fought in many of these battles, and it is said in tales that he single-handedly eviscerated a small, long-forgotten foreign nation because they would not yield to the Empire.

 Towards the end of the war, Greth became a particularly strong figure of representation for those who despised the Empire, and he was eventually found deceased through unknown methods.

 Battlelord Ornolfson was touted as benevolent, heroic, and kind during his life, but reflection and research over time has served to see him as a cruel military leader.