Fenick Windhoef
Alias Fenick
Player cyclone0071
Birthplace Unknown
Age 35
Bloodline Firas
Associates None Known
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Dark
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour Tan
Height 6 ft 4 in
Features Unknown
Belief Elthrism, polytheistic religion of his heritage
Traits Solitary and honorable
Threat Level 1
Additional Details Unknown

Fenick's past is a mystery to many. He is rarely found to talk about much of anything, especially his heritage. He lives alone, passing the days in comfort.

From what people have discovered, he hails from a nomadic tribe of desert-dwelling Firas. HIs parentage is unknown, but it is assumed that they were royalty, based on the purple trim on his pants. It is also believed, though not confirmed, that he spent time protecting his people in one of the many Wars of the Dune, events not commonly discussed in the Empire.

Fenick is a man of honor. He trusts until he is proven wrong. A dangerous way to live in the current world but to Fenick morals are what keep people sane and will allow for the world to be rebuilt fuller than the old days. 

His past is the most worrying. HIs appearance was abrupt and his silence about his past scares many. While he claims to always do what is right, some wonder how much wrong he did in the past. His tribe is known to be one of the more violent groups and assumed iniators of the greatest and bloodiest battles of the War of the Dunes.