The Metropolis of Concilux
Status Capital
Allegiance The Council
Landmarks The Tower

The Arcane Academy

Population 2,174
Ethnicity Primarily Fulgur
Notable Residents The Grand Inquisitor

Concilux is considered to be the centre of the Council, and as a result the centre of Amaranthine itself. Whilst such a comparison is sickening to make, one could consider it to the modern-day equivalent of the barbaric haven known as Locke. Capable of housing a great many more than it in fact does, residence in Concilux is considered to be a great priviledge, and as a result the city enjoys around-the-clock policing by both Mundane Guardsmen and Inquisitors so as to ensure that the quality of life expected is delivered - and with the All-Seeing-Eye everpresent throughout the city, both residents and visitors alike can be safe in the knowledge that the Council is always observing for any wrongdoings. Most importantly, however, Concilux houses both the Arcane Academy and, of course, the Tower of the Inquisition - the home of the Grand Inquisitor.


The construction of Concilux began mere weeks after the Council came to power, and was intended as a sign of the glory of the New World. Fittingly, the first building to be constructed was the Tower of the Inquisition, and the city itself would then be built around it as to guarantee that the Grand Inquisitor was the centre of Amaranthine, both physically and metaphorically - whilst the Grand Inquisitor themselves may have changed, the position (and with it the importance) is ever constant, and the Tower stands as a reminder of this fact.

Whilst not amongst the initial construction, in 5CE work began on what would become the Arcane Academy. At the time it was simply named the College, and was established by the four greatest Manipulators of the age. As each of the four passed on, their position within the College was passed down to another, ensuring that there were four Grandmasters of the College at any time. Whilst this practice is no longer upheld at the Arcane Academy, its influence continues within the Inquisition itself in the form of the four Grade III Inquisitors.

The city as it is recognised today - barring a few minor renovations - was completed in 23CE and even now - over 100 years later - it still stands as the most impressive testament of the Council.


The most recent census of 155CE showed that of those residing within Concilux, 87% of them are Fulgur (66% High, 19% Pure, 2% Mire). This result may seem alarming, but it is little more than proof of an ever-existing cultural flux. Those of the Amaranth and Volka bloodline - making up only 4% of the population combined - generally find more comfort in quieter and more rural or rustic areas. 

More interestingly, however, 56% of the population are known Potentials or Manipulators - easily the highest of any city on Amaranthine [They should check their figures - Jas]. Whilst this phenomenon is unprecedented, it stands to reason that proximity to the Grand Inquisitor would encourage Potential to grow within those nearby. With that being said, however, the Mundane of Concilux enjoy as pleasant of a life as any other, with an entire district of the town dedicated to providing every commodity they could possibly require - work, recreation, living accommodation.