Amaranthine is a busy place, and not everybody will have the time to explain what every little abbreviation or term means. If you wish to understand the jargon that people are speaking, be it IC or OOC, then this is where to look. A list of many of the more commonly used or otherwise useful terms, this list should provide you with enough knowledge to understand just what is going on in the lore of Amaranthine.

Game Terminology

Admin: The three individuals who directly control the server. Shieldheart, ExPerson and Revanade.

Canon: The term used to refer to events and lore progression that are directly related to the primary story of Amaranthine, and provide significant impact to the ongoing story. As a general rule-of-thumb, this only applies to the Story Elements.

Channel: Most likely referring to the chat channels. The channels are Global/Announcement, Local, Whisper, OOC and Exposition.

Exposition: A staff-only channel that is used to set the scene for upcoming events. Represented in-game with italic purple text.

Global: Global chat, the primary channel for IC announcments. Everything you say in this channel can be seen by everybody, regardless of distance. Represented in-game with dark green text.

IC: In-Character. The actions of your character within the game world. As a rule, anything you do or say (excluding things said in the OOC channel) are considered to be In-Character.

Local: Local chat, the primary channel for IC roleplaying. Chat is limited to a short radius of blocks around the speaker. Primarily used for discussions you do not want overheard. Represented in-game with yellow text.

Moderator: Players who have additional power to help players and maintain order. Current Moderators are joe_self, personalepidemic, BekNeave and Tarquinevi.

OOC: Out of Character. Often used in relation to chat terms, and the chat channel. Represented in-game with light grey text.

Non-Canon: The term used to refer to in-game events that are in no way connected to the direct storyline of Amaranthine. These may include player-run events promoted by the server, various celebrations or filler events. These events will be marked on the Amaranthology Events Calendar with an [NC] tag.

Roleplay: Roleplaying is the act of playing as though you are the character. Anything you do in-game is considered to be indicative of what your character is doing. Likewise, unless it is in the OOC channel, everything you say is to be considered roleplay.

Semi-Canon: The term used to refer to Events that are connected to the overall story of Amaranthine, but are not the direct progression of the ongoing story. Personal story elements and large-scale battles are examples of what is considered to be Semi-Canon.

Story Element: Segmented events designed to progress the story in a player-drived direction over a specific period of time. Instead of being locked down to a specific timeframe, a Story Element will be introduced and then developed over the coming hours, days or even weeks.


Aether: The very life force of all the realms. The Aether is within everything.

Amaranth: The largest continent on Old Amaranthine, on which the story of Empires takes place. Also, the name of a Bloodline.

Amaranthine: The plane of existence on which mortals generally reside.

Bloodline: See the Bloodlines page.

The Corruption: The opposite end of the spectrum from Aether. Un-Manipulative, but can be used as a power source by those with the knowledge and penchant for death.

The Defilers: A hivemind of the technically deceased, with great interest and ability regarding the use of Corruption. They survive by consuming other living things.

Divine: A God or Goddess within the religion of The Sixteen.

The Empire: The former government of Amaranthine. Under the current regime, mention of the Empire is a criminal offense.

The Ender Dimension: Formerly the void of nothingness, a plane of existence created to house the Ender-servants. It was destroyed some time during the Era of Imperial Reign.

Ender-Servants: Beings of pure Aether, designed with no true form. They take on various forms as they see fit.

Firas: A race of strong and large people, the Firas are renowned as the greatest warriors on Amaranthine.

Fulgur: A race of tall, slender people, the Fulgur are amongst the most capable archers and Manipulators.

The Gift: A condition under which an individual was said to be granted eternal life. It was said to come from Lord Nivicus himself. Innately found only in Magi, but prior to the Sacrifice it was able to be transferred to others.

The Grand Inquisitor: The leader of the Council.

The Hunters: A group with foundations in the military of the Empire and the Kingdom. They have a great interest in technology.

The Inquisition: The group of elite Manipulators working for the Council. There are three grades, with each requiring its own power levels.

Lucius von Boon: The last surving Magi. He has the ability (but not necessarily the desire) to train those with the ability to learn in the arts of Manipulation.

Magi: The Noble-Blooded race said to have been blessed by the High Lord Nivicus himself. The ruling class of both the Kingdom and the Empire, the Magi considered themselves above all others. All Magi other than Lucius von Boon were hunted down and put to death by the Council. Now referred to as "The Restricted Bloodline".

Manipulator: The official umbrella term for those who had the talent to control the Aether.

Marast: The second largest continent on Old Amaranthine.

Nether: A realm of Corruption, yet it was once abundant with Aether. It was said that many doomed souls joined with the Corrupted Aether within and became monsters.

The New World: The name given to Amaranthine under the Council, and the Amaranthine in which the story takes place.

High Lord Nivicus: The single non-Elemental Divine in the old religion of The Sixteen. Often considered as the "Leader" of the Divines.

Old Amaranthine: The name given to pre-Council regime Amaranthine.

Old-Tongue: The language of Ancient Amaranthine. Spoken only by the Divines and the ancient Magi.

Runic: A language made up of various runes. Unlike Old-Tongue, Runic is a written language meaning that, should the person have the time and skill, anybody would be able to learn it.

Psyian: A reclusive people, the Psyians are not very well documented - at least to non-Psyians. Despised by the Magi for being of "dirty-blood" and "heathens". The last of them died before the official fall of the Empire.

The Sixteen: The name used when referring to the Elemental Divines, formerly the single prominent religion in Amaranthine. Whilst certain groups, such as the Psyians had their own beliefs, the Sixteen retained their position as the "single religion" of Amaranthine.

Volka: A race of stout, hardy individuals, built for mining. Many tried their hand at tasks beyond what their bodies were designed for, yet their prowess with an axe and a pick was unmatched.