So, you know that every character in Amaranthine needs a character profile, right? I'm sure you'll want to make your character profile on the wiki look tidy and also provide all the required information, correct? That's good. It makes life easier for us admins, and it allows the players easier access to all the important information about your character...but just what information should be considered "important" and what sort of layout should you be looking at?

If that is your question, then you are in the right place. The method of creating a character profile could not be simpler, but for the sake of even more simplicity, here is a step-by-step guide of what you want to be doing.

1) Click "Contribute" in the top right, choose "Add a Page" and choose "Blank Page". Use your character's first name and surname as the page title, regardless of if your character prefers to go by an alias in-game. Whilst there are notable exceptions to this - most notably when a real name isn't known - these are inherently uncommon and unlikely. If you want to go down this road then clear it with an admin first. The database is IC for a reason, after all. (It would be preferable if you were signed in whilst creating and editing pages, simply for identification purposes)

2) Look to the right-hand side of this new screen. You'll see a tab labelled "Templates". Expand it if necessary and take note of the first applet icon (jigsaw piece). It should say something like "CharacterP", though regardless of what the name says it is always the first of the four icons.

3) Click that icon whilst at the top of your blank page, a new window will pop up and prompt you to input information. The categories, and what you will be required to input will be as follows.

Character Name
Alias Alias Here
Player Minecraft Username
Birthplace Place of Birth
Age Age
Bloodline Bloodline
Associates Unknown
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour Eyes
Hair Colour Hair
Skin Colour Skin
Height x'y"
Features Features
Belief Religion
Traits Character Traits
Threat Level Unknown
Additional Details Unknown


Full Name: Your character's full name.
Alias: Whatever other name your character may go by.
Player: The only OOC section of your character template. Simply your Minecraft account name.
Title: Any official titles you have been granted. If you're creating a character yourself who is not a Hole-Dweller, you won't have any yet. Hole-Dwellers look here.
Birthplace: The location your character was born.
Age: The age of your character.
Bloodline: See Bloodlines .
Associates: The Faction of which you are a member. If you are an Outsider: "None Known".

Physical Attributes

Eye Colour: Your characters eye colour. Consult the Bloodlines page for lore suggestions.
Hair Colour: Your characters hair colour. Consult the Bloodlines page for lore suggestions.
Skin Colour: Your characters skin colour.
Height: Your characters height, in Foot/Inches. If you use metres/centimetres we will convert them.
Features: Any distinguishing physical quality your character may have (speech patterns, scars, etc.) 


Belief: What religion, if any, your character follows. If there is no religion, simply omit this part.

Traits: Your characters personality traits.
Threat Level: How dangerous the Council considers your character to be on a scale of 1-10. NEW CHARACTERS WILL ALWAYS BE 1 AND WILL BE UPDATED BY STAFF!
Additional Details: Any additional details concerning your character. Most usually left blank until you have met one of the following circumstances in-game;
  • You are a Defiler
  • You have been provided with Advanced Training by the Hunters
  • You have been trained in the art of Manipulation by Lucius

4) Once it's filled in, you should have something that looks like the example listed on the right. Please note, however, that the infobox will not show up whilst you are in edit mode. To be sure it looks as you want, be sure to preview your page before publishing.

5) Now that the Template is at the top of your blank page, on the line directly below it you can start to type your characters background. Remember it should be Third-Person and biographical with a negative slant. The Wiki represents a criminal database, so information such as personal motives, secrets, etc. should not be listed.

Remember - if you wouldn't tell a stranger about it, it shouldn't be listed on your Profile.

6) Once that's all done, you're ready to publish,  and your character just needs to be accepted by staff.