Candy Turner
Alias secretariars rightful owner
Player mycatscool123
Birthplace England
Age 11
Bloodline fulgur
Associates Unknown
Physical Attributes
Eye Colour blue
Hair Colour brown
Skin Colour white
Height 5,2
Features Unknown
Belief none
Traits loves horses
Threat Level 3
Additional Details Unknown

Candy got her name from a shop that her mam worked at, but it wasn't any normal shop it was a sweet shop and its where bailey her dad met rose her mam. Candy grew up with horses so she loves them with every bit in her body, she now works as a equestion and loves her job she always says "I aint got a job cause I love what I do!" her favriout food is pasta and she spends most of her time.. well I bet you know with horses. However she love one horse the most althought it doesn't belong to her! Called "Secretariat" he's the worlds fastest horse. Candy loves adventuring and thats why she came to you....