Below is a list of the most common attributes associated with each bloodline. These do, of course, only represent the statistical average of each bloodline, and are not a strict set of guidelines you are required to follow. However, straying far from these physical traits without good reason - such as trying to make a 7'2" anything-but-a-Firas - is generally a bad idea with regards to lore. If you want to be a Volka, you're gonna be stout. Deal with it.

In addition, given the variety in the world, hybrid bloodlines are fairly commonly encountered. However, a Hybrid may only occur when it is a child of "Noble" (Firas/Fulgur) and "Common" (Amaranth/Volka) parents. That is to say, a child with parents who are Firas and Fulgur will inherit only a single set of characteristics and would be considered simply Firas or Fulgur. Likewise with Amaranth and Volka. Others (Firas-Volka, Fulgur-Volka, etc.) are fine, and are listed with the "Noble" bloodline first.


  • Average Lifespan: 100 years
  • Average Height: M:6'4" F:5'8"
  • Common Eye Colours: Mostly grey and blue, though green is not exceptionally uncommon. Darker eye colours are very rarely noted. Highest recorded occurances of heterochromia amongst the bloodlines.
  • Common Hair Colours: All natural hair colours are commonly noted within Fulgur, however it is also worth noting that some Fulgur are born with bizarre, otherwise unnatural coloured hair - blue, green, pink, etc.
  • Notable Features: Slim frame, slightly pointed ears.


  • Average Lifespan: 65 years
  • Average Height: M:6'6" F:6'1"
  • Common Eye Colours: Brown is by far the most common.
  • Common Hair Colours: Black, Brown, Dark Red. Light colours are very rarely seen. As a Firas ages, his hair slowly becomes black, as opposed to the grey noted amongst the other bloodlines
  • Notable Features: Bulky frame, Largest average height of the bloodlines.


  • Average Lifespan: 80 years
  • Average Height: M:5'10" F:5'4"
  • Common Eye Colours: All natural eye colours seem to share relatively similar potential for prominence.
  • Common Hair Colours: As with eye colour, there seems to be no correlation with which a single group of hair colours could be named the most prominent. Whilst red hair is clearly the least common by a notable margin, all other natural hair colours seem to share very similar numbers.
  • Notable Features: Whilst more of a mental trait than a physical one, the Amaranth have shown greater adaptability to the challenges presented by the New World.


  • Average Lifespan: 70 years
  • Average Height: M:5'7" F:5'5"
  • Common Eye Colours: Grey is easily the forerunner for most common, with over 75% of all Volka having grey eyes. The second largest majority, with 14% is green.
  • Common Hair Colours: Bizarrely, given the rather uniform nature of eye colour, hair colour is similar to those seen with the Amaranth - except for a reduced number of red haired individuals, all hair colours seem to be represented equally.
  • Notable Features: Short, stocky frames.