Anton Persio
Alias Any and all alias' of Persio's were classified during the Era of Imperial Reign, and no evidence was found following the fall of the Empire
Title Special Agent of the Imperial Intelligence Agency
Birthplace The Heartlands (Old Amaranthine)
Bloodline Restricted
Born 1001KL
Died 5IR

Very little is truly known about the traitor Anton Persio. Living primarily as a shade, with most of his activities hidden behind walls of classifications and calls of global security, the only facts that can be proven with any measure of certainty are those of the individuals around him.

Loyal to his corrupt regime without question, Anton Persio was as prominent a figure as one who was so often absent could be. An old associate of Leon von Boon's, Persio was summoned to act as a member of the anarchist organisation shortly after the death of Vincent von Boon. His actions during this period remain unknown.

He was, however, reported to have been present at Arx during the final hours of the Empire.