AetherTech are one of, if not the most prominent company involved in the Technological Revolution of the New World. As such, it is an asset of great importance to both the Council and all legal-minded citizens of Amaranthine.

Whilst its foundation was surrounded by the unfortunate situation of traitors to Amaranthine and the unwelcome influence of the Restricted Bloodline, the company was able to leave such roots behind and develop into the vast technological empire it is today, responsible for the creation and maintenance of such devices as the ACOM and ATD  - devices that are still used to this day. A recent reshuffling has seen AetherTech officially split into various divisions, allowing for the greater level of technological advancement that the New World has seen, thanks in no small part to the support and influence of the Council upon the corporation.

The current CEO of AetherTech is Mr. Leonard Ploom.


The Aetheric Teleportation Device - the ATD - is a remarkable technological breakthrough, allowing for Manipulator-like teleportation amongst the Mundane populace. Allowing for instantaneous transporation between locations, and having very few limitations, the ATD, in both personal and fixed form, has improved the quality of life for most Mundanes across all of Amaranthine - whilst more volatile items cannot be broken down and recreated safely by the ATD, for the average individual it allows for perfectly safe transportation.

Additionally, since each personal ATD is secured to a single individual via the same Aetheric Fingerprint technology seen on Council-utilised firearms, it ensures that only the individual who is registered with the ATD is able to use it.